Tips For Beginning Your Scrapbooking Journey

Book of Memories is really a perfect term to describe what scrapbooking really is. Finding ways to save favorite and memorable events in your life is something all of us wish to do. Scrapbooking lets you do just this by making unique and personal photo albums by decorating pages with attractive paper, pictures, embellishments and more - for not only you to look upon in your later years but also to be treasured by loved ones once you are gone. It shows the life you lived and the love you had for your friends and family alike. Older generations can look back on these cherished remembrances and feel your love around them still, like a big warm hug!

Here are some of our scrapbooking tips and tricks to help get you started:

1There are no rules in scrapbooking - page layouts can be as creative as you are! Try to make your scrapbook pages fun, balanced and entertaining! Add in ticket stubs from favorite movies, shows or events and even hospital bracelets from births or milestones in your family life. Also don't forget the bad times too, as those are things which help make this book truly yours.

2Include photos which show off your family's adventurous, loving and nuturing sides. The use of poems dear to your heart or memorable quotes can be added beside much loved photographs with lovely metallic style markers.

3A great tip is to start collecting an idea file that you can fill with magazine clippings, post cards and other interesting memorabilia which will give you ideas for designing your own scrapbook pages. You can use markers to decorate pages and borders to add an artistic flair and make them even more personal.

4We recommend that you use acid-free double sided tape to decorate your pages with tokens like feathers, buttons and more, for a fantastic finishing touch! You can even add in extra-special mementos of heart-felt times with this tape as well.

"The only limitations to your ideas and designs you place in your pages is your imagination."

5Keep an eye out for beautifully designed wrapping paper which can be used as background paper. Fabric patterns and textures can also make lovely additions to backgrounds.

6Never scrapbook the only picture or last photograph you have - you may regret it in the long run. It is always good practise to make copies: one for a regular photo album and several for your scrapbook designs in case of a mistake.

7Holidays are a time filled with family and love - a perfect oppurtunity to take pictures that show your family's fellowship. Try to include photos of family members and holiday decorations (keep an eye out for discounted decorations out of season).

Draw ideas from all that surrounds you whether it be at home, vacation, at work or driving down the road. Ideas can be found in simple things such as a travel, hobbys, sports, genealogy and leaves blowing in the wind!